March 28-29, 2023 | Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center | San Antonio, TX

All Information Below Pertains to the 2022 Symposium


2022 Confirmed Speakers Included:

BG Katherine Simonson, USA
DAD, Research & Engineering

Brig Gen Jeannine Ryder, USAF
Commander, 59th Medical Wing
JBSA; Chief, Air Force Nurse Corps

BG Clinton Murray, USA
Commanding General
Brooke Army Medical Center

Col (Dr.) Stacy Shackelford, USAF
Joint Trauma System, DHA

CAPT Sean Biggerstaff, USN (Ret), PhD
Deputy Director, Research & Engineering

CAPT Thomas C. Herzig, USN
Medical Education and Training Campus

Event Moderator:

Col (Ret.) Ronald Poropatich, MD, MS
Director, Center for Military Medicine Research, Health Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

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Why You Should Attend This Symposium:

Defense Strategies Institute’s 4th Annual Operational Medicine Symposium will bring together senior leaders from across the military, government healthcare agencies, academia, and industry to discuss ways to advance military medical capabilities and battlefield care. Operational Medicine 2022 will explore the modernization and implementation of policies, education, training, and emerging technologies to provide exceptional combat care to improve warfighter health, strength, and survivability.

The DOD and MHS are adapting to and preparing for the potential for a future battlefield marked by a high-end, mass casualty fight. This year’s Symposium boasts three panel discussions to explore the research and development efforts of the DHA’s Centers of Excellence, to gain greater insight into senior enlisted medics perspectives, and to examine the opportunities to integrate telemedicine into warfighter care. Leaders within the community will discuss how to deliver human performance enhancing equipment, trauma supplies, and pharmaceuticals in remote, degraded environments to prevent life-threatening injuries. Speakers will address ways to speed up the efficiency, delivery, and effectiveness of combat casualty care, medical evacuations, and advanced field diagnostic systems to ensure a medically ready force and a ready medical force.

Attendees at the event will have the unique opportunity to discuss and asks questions to senior leadership on priorities, strategies, programs, requirements, and initiatives that aim to advance warfighter survivability. Join us at this year’s Operational Medicine Symposium to learn and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the military healthcare community as the DoD, DHA, government healthcare agencies, industry, and academia work together to strengthen the health and strength of our nation’s defense.

DSI’s team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Symposiums' content and focus areas; we will assemble the most respected minds in military medicine across the federal government and DOD as well as key policy makers across military and civilian offices. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers. ___________________________________________________________________________________

*Symposium is Closed to The Press/ No Recordings*

  __________________________________________________________________________________ Topics covered at the Symposium:

- Developing Concepts and Capabilities to Deliver Exceptional Battlefield Care

- Researching & Developing Innovative Advancements in Military Medicine Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery

- Enabling Combat Care Readiness and Improving Trauma Patient Outcomes

- Educating Military Medics for Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Challenges

-Senior Enlisted Medic Perspective: Advancing Combat Care in a Rapidly Evolving, Large-Scale Fight

- Integrating Telemedicine to Maximize Resources for Improved Warfighter Care Through Shared Responsibilities


At Our Symposium You Have the Ability To:

Gain Education & Insight: Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the complex challenges facing battlefield medicine.

Build Partnerships: The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to discover some the latest technologies and procedures to improve operational medicine.

Influence: Help foster ideas. Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive sessions. All attendees are encouraged to address our speaker faculty and each other with their questions, comments or ideas. __________________________________________________________________________________

Exhibit and Sponsorship Information:

The Operational Medicine Symposium provides opportunities including exhibit space, round table discussions, product demonstrations, and networking receptions.

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Operating Guidance for Government Attendees:

DSI’s Summit directly supports DoD & Federal Government priorities by providing a conduit for officials to efficiently reach audiences outside of their respective offices that directly impact their organization’s overall mission success, at no charge to the government, and in an efficient expenditure of time.

DSI’s Summit will provide a forum to address and improve internal and external initiatives, meet with and hear from partner organizations, disseminate vital capability requirements to industry, increase visibility within the larger community, and generally support their mission.

The Summit is open and complimentary to all DoD and Federal Government employees and is considered an educational and training forum. ___________________________________________________________________________________